Jon Dehdari

Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes

Graduate Project Seminar on
Machine Translation and Language Modeling

Instructor: Dr. Jon Dehdari

Summer 2017

Class: Room 2.11, building C7.1
Fridays 12-14 (s.t.)
Starts April 21, 2017

In this project seminar we will work to identify a project in machine translation, language modeling, and/or NLP, make a novel contribution, compare experimental results of the new method with the existing baseline, and discuss the results. It'll be fun.


  1. Course Organization
  2. Collaboration:
  3. Idea and Team Formation
  4. Proposal Draft
    • Due May 19th
    • Include the following sections:
    • Introduction, explaining what the topic is, what problem you're trying to solve (including examples), and previous works
    • Methodology, listing the techniques/algorithms/models that you think you will use and/or develop. You can change this in the future. If known, briefly describe the implementation(s)
    • Experiments, listing datasets, evaluation metrics, and how it will (or could) compare with previous works
    • Who's doing what? The "Team Roles" section above might provide you with some ideas.
    • Rough timeline
    • You can change these things in the future. This proposal is mostly to get you and your group to think about the different parts of a successful research project.
  5. Implementation
    • Due June 23rd
  6. Experiments
    • Due July 14th
  7. Paper

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