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\author{Baba O'Riley}
\title{The Title goes here}
\degree{Doctor of Philosophy}
\dept{Underwater Basketweaving} %
\subject{Statistical Underwater Basketweaving}
\keywords{Wicker, Brine, Container Topology}
\committeechair{Isaac Newton}
\committeemembera{Albert Einstein}
\committeememberb{Foo Lano}
%\committeememberc{SpongeBob SquarePants}
%\committeememberd{Brutus Buckeye}

\abstract{ %
  This paper presents a [synonym for new] method for [sciencey verb]
  the [noun few people have heard of].  Using [something you didn't
  invent], the [property] was measured to be [number] +/- [number]
  [units].  Results show [sexy adjective] agreement with theoretical
  predictions and significant improvement over previous efforts by
  [Loser] et al.  The work presented here has profound implications
  for future studies of [buzzword] and may one day help solve the
  problem of [supreme sociological problem].







I'll tell you a story \\
About Mary Morey, \\
And now my story's begun. \\
I'll tell you another \\
About her brother, \\
And now my story's done. \\

Ciao baby!


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